Our Approach



Our aim is to ensure that the client receives a quality service. We ensure that this quality service emanates from a very stringent, systematic and robust review process that we have developed and adopted in the delivery of project management support, which is depicted as follows:-

Terms Of Reference


We will discuss with the client first and agree a terms of reference. The terms of reference would define the scope of work to be carried out with clearly spelt out boundaries. For example, the scope of work could be building a cost model for all existing manpower resources. In this case manpower has been qualified as “all existing” and that therefore would be our starting point.

Approach & Methodology

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We will agree with you our proposed approach and methodology on how we will conduct the review process. We are fully transparent in the way we will execute the assignment on your behalf and we can also get your buy in first. Our approach and methodology could take the form of both desk and field research, collection of data, analysis, benchmarking of findings and recommendations with fully developed action implementation plan.

Schedule of Activities


We will produce a fully resourced schedule of activities and we will communicate to you what we intend to do, when the activities will start and finish, who owns the schedule, who we intend to meet and what we expect from them. This schedule will give you the assurance of our operational intent to complete the task by the agreed project completion time.

Data Gathering & Collection


We will gather and collect all the data that we require to complete the assignment. This step could take the form of desk research by going through existing available literature or by conducting interviews, meetings or workshops. We will capture all these data in Excel, Word or Powerpoint or a combination of each of them.

Data Analysis & Benchmarking


We will then analyse the data collected and draw out conclusions which will be validated both internally as well as externally through a benchmarking exercise in view to understanding the robustness of our conclusions. The validation & benchmarking exercise will also include comparisons with historical data, pre-defined internal targets and standards as well as with industry trends.



Once we have finalised our validation & benchmarking exercise, we will then make our recommendations and provide you with a full explanation on the basis and rational of each of our recommendations for your adoption including a fully developed action implementation plan.