We have been involved in a wide variety of assignments at highly complex clients’ site. Our assignments are normally highly technically complex and as such we have to use our highly skilled stakeholder management skills coupled with our business management skills to gather, collect and distil these highly complex technical data into clear, concise and precise proposed solutions to management for decision making at operational, tactical or strategic level. Assignments could take the form of building a parametric cost model for the construction of a nuclear sludge processing facility to a detailed costed schedule for the construction of a nuclear waste storage facility. Nothing is simple in whatever we do but we have the experience and the required skills to deal with complex problems and turn them into easy to read, digest and implement simple solutions. .  

Types Of Experience

Airport Management



- Commercialisation of an international airport

- Review Of All Non-Aeronautical Revenue Stream

- Put In Place Both Computer Networking System As Well As Its Fully Computerised Accounting System

- Put In Place Its Financial Board Reporting System

- Develop Its Budgetary Control System

- Put In Place A Fully Computerised Stock Control System Linked With Administration Building

- Put In Place Time-booking System, Payroll System and New Car Parking System

- Outsourcing Of Employee Transportation And Terminal Cleaning Services

- Appointment Of A Second Ground Handling Agent As The Airport Reached Its Critical Mass

Airport Infrastructural Development



- Resurfacing of an active single runway international airport

- Extension of a runway on both ends of an international airport to allow wide bodied aircraft to take off with full payload

- Renovation And Extension Of An Active International Passenger Terminal Building

- Construction Of A New Airport Administration Building

- Development Of 10 Years Business Plans For An International And A Domestic Airport

- Development Of An Airport Master Plan And A Route Network Plan For A Domestic Airport

- Development Of Financing Options For Airport Infrastructural Development

Nuclear Decommissioning



- Exerting Financial Control Over A Nuclear Site Going Through Defueling Phase

- Exerting Project Controls Over A Nuclear Site Going Through Ponds Decommissioning

- Prepared The Financial statements Of A Nuclear Site For Six Years In A Row Using Earned Value Management (EVM) Reporting Methodology

- Owner Of All Major Spends & Spends Which Are Novel, Contentious & Repercussive